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Adapting to Change: Innovative Models with Rudy Ruttimann, FLIP Foundation 

How do we explore the decline of the old systems and models and the rise of new ones?  


Rudy Ruttimann presentation on the Berkana Institute’s Two Loop Model is a narrative about how large systems can transform and create a sustainable new system. The Two Loops model is a valuable tool for addressing challenges and opportunities in the arts sector. It provides a fresh perspective on funding strategies and field building for transitions. 


This model can be a powerful tool for advancing our collective work.  


Rudy explores its application in organizational change within the arts sector. Organizations can use the Two Loops model as a reflective tool to understand their role in systems change. Rudy’s presentation prompts critical questions about where an organization fits within the Two Loops framework, emphasizing the importance of not only building new systems but also stabilizing old ones. 


“The Berkana Institutes Two Loops model tries to capture how systems change or paradigm shifts can happen at the level of whole societies. It shows the curves of the old system, identified as the dominant system,  dying and the new system rising to take its place. The emergent system forms as pioneers of new approaches to start to connect and form networks, and then eventually are forming communities of practice. 

This allows for a growing influence and to be able to lead towards the emergence of a new system and new influence. Importantly, the systems change doesn't mean rebuilding everything from scratch. Thankfully, as this would be too would be way too resource and energy intensive. 

Many parts of the dominant system need to make the transition from the old to the new, adapting to the emerging paradigm and finding their place in the emergent system. Systems grow constantly. It is a very natural part of organizing and being. We recognize that systems grow and decline.”  

About the Presenter: 

Rudy is a passionate leader and advocate in education and community arts practices for all. As a strategic, results-driven executive with proven ability to create new organizations, spearhead change, and conceptualize and achieve innovative and sustainable initiatives, Rudy has a strong aptitude for addressing diversity. Rudy was Executive Director with SKETCH Working Arts for 22 years; SKETCH is  a community arts enterprise engaging diverse young people, ages 16-29, from across Canada, who live homeless or on the margins and navigate poverty to experience the transformative power of the arts. With 20+ years of experience and proven ability to realize a vision and provoke long lasting transformation and after completing the succession process and with the success as Project Home Lead, there was new work that she felt an urge to focus on. FLIP Foundation for Leadership, Imagination and Place is a new initiative that seeks to confront the systems that limit young creatives from leading and transforming the arts, creative industries & communities across Canada.FLIP will focus on systems change, knowledge exchange at a national level, and social innovation in education, enterprise, and change leadership. 

Rudy is a wife and a mother of four young adult children. She lives in Toronto and loves to escape to the Northern Bruce Peninsula as often as possible. She loves swimming, kayaking, good films, and great books. 

Links and resources: 

Innovative Models: The power of the arts for social change

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FLIP Foundation for Leadership, Imagination and Place:  


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