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Ottawa Arts Council & Arts Network Ottawa: Community Co-Creation Weekend


Thank you to all the artists and art supporters who joined us for the Community Co-Creation Weekend. 


The Community Co-Creation Weekend focused on the following goals: 


Harness Collective Insights: Co-create the foundational elements of the newly merged organization. The insights will contribute to shaping a comprehensive and inclusive vision for our collective future. 


Build on Survey Results and Conversations: We analyzed the results of the Community Survey and distilled key takeaways from Community Conversations. These sessions built on these findings, ensuring they will serve as the cornerstone for the creation of a new arts organization. (For background, please review the videos online here). 


Mapping Priorities and Goals:  Led by Evoke 2.0 consulting, participants worked together to identify priorities and essential categories for the new organizational model.  These included:  Purpose, Values, Guiding Principles, Rules and Norms (Protocols), Decision-Making, Governance, and Community Priorities.  


 Focus on Key Categories: Participants delved into the critical aspects of the priorities identified. This work will contribute to robust decision-making and governance structure that aligns with community priorities and will help inform the foundation of what the new organization will build toward. 


We will be sharing the results of the Co-Creation Weekend in the coming weeks. Stay tuned for more details! 

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